YRV Immobiliser Key/Ignition bypass


Hi All,

I have just imported a used 2002 K3VE YRV from Japan to Sri Lanka, where I live and it didn't come with a key. So now I can't get the car started and its pretty much useless to me.

Was wondering if any of you would know how to set up a bypass normal starter system, where should I lose or misplace a key I can simply get another cut? As we don't have a Daihatsu dealer in the island and I have no clue how to get a key with the embedded chip?

Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mike


Sorry but how do we know your in Sri Lanka. You could have a stolen vehicle which you can't mobilise. I suggest you contact a Sri Lanka garage for help. I would assume any 'good' garage would be able to assist you. If you need any mechanical advise then members here will always freely post useful details.:)