Sportrax Rear Shock Absorber


Help - My rear Shock Absorber on my Sportrax (1989) has broken. I need to replace it but it's the 3 stage damper adjustable type. Anybody know how much it is and where I can get it from? Or can a normal single stage shock absorber be fitted?

The three stage damper system

The three stage damper system does bugger all was just a gimmick can simply fit normal shocks..ruddy sight cheaper as around you will be suprised how cheap you can get em.

If you do fit ordinary shocks use cable ties to secure the redundant damper wiring to chassis...tape the ends up in plastic to avoid any possibility of shorts..tho this in unlikely..
Replaced my own damper shocks over 12 momths ago without any problems whatsoever.

3 Stage Damper System


I wondered what that switch did !!!!!! mine makes a noise but does nothing, suspension feels fine though (G reg), are you saying the best thing to do is simply leave it alone or is it worth trying to get it to work and if so any idea what to look for ???

3 Stage Damper

Best thing to do would be to check to see if your shocks have been replaced with the non adjustable ones.

Switching between the settings on a road surface you tend not to notice the change. Once you go offroad. Even something as simple as driving across the field which is a car park for a bootsale or something and switch it to "H" (hard) you notice the difference as you not bounce about as much.

Not too sure what situations the soft setting is for. But it does stop the vibrations slightly on a particularly bumpy bit of the M42. But you have to make sure its on Normal once you start cornering and things again after.
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Going soft.

> Not too sure what situations the soft setting is for.

Speed humps. Stops you getting a bad back. Especially over the piss-poor, badly made ones favoured by Bracknell Forest Boro. Council Wink




i did mine yesterday and fitted standard shocks, but i had to have 2 new mounting plates aswell as the nuts had seized solid and me being a hand fisted sod snapped em, got all parts from graham dewhurst cost me 94 quid for 2 shocks and 2 plates....dean

Have a look at E-bay. Lot 24

Have a look at E-bay. Lot 2437997125. You've only got 1 day ! houre from now (22:00 - 25.10.03). But their only up for £10.50 at the mo. Good luck.

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