Fair price?


I intend to buy a fourtrack as I'm convinced it will 'do the job' regarding my vehicular requirements!
My local 4X4 dealer has a very nice looking J plate 2.8 TDX with 116k on the clock. As I say, it is in super condition. Price? 3 grand. Is this about right? I can't find any guidance on anything earlier than '95.
Some help will be appreciated.
Dave C

It's swings and round abouts

It's swings and round abouts really, you can definitely buy cheaper, but and it's a big but it depends on the condition, how it's been driven etc. Generally the engines are bullet proof, check for leaks etc, I thinks it's also coming up for a cam belt change (120000 - this should be it's second?), the chassis should also be solid, check for rust underneath, around the wheel arches, under the tank, check the fuel and brake pipes, your looking for areas where mud may have been trapped and started rusting. Pull up the carpets as they come up easy to check for rust etc. I paid around the same price for a G reg (a few years ago), but again it had been serviced by Daihatsu and was in sound condition, and I know I could have paid less, but I've been more than happy with the vehicle.

Haggle a bit more, you never know what you may get off it.

Hope this helps


You could get quite a decent

You could get quite a decent Indipendent for that kind of money. Personally I wouldn't pay more than £1800 for a 4X4 of that age, regardless of apparent condition.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.