Radiator Leak


Hello out there my 1992 Rocky is loosing radiator fluid. It seems to loose it while running and after it has ran. I looked around and couldent find where its coming from. There is a sponge thing directly under the radiator that is collecting it,I've checked the bleeder valve on the bottom and its secure. I havent checked the cap yet,I will today. If anyone else has had this problem your insight would be appreicated. Thanks AK.max

Check it's not any of the pip

Check it's not any of the pipes, even a small pin prick can throw quite a lot of water out when under pressure. It may be worth putting a bit of newspaper around the engine bay (watching the fan) and see if you can trace any dropplets. Have you worked on anything recently?



Thank you for writing back so fast I put off looking at it till today and your suggestions will help Im sure

cap or rust

Check the radiator cap. The rubber seal wears thin. Either replace with a home made seal [cut from inner tube] or squash the caps lugs so it fits very tight.
If the radiator dates from 1992 it could be leaking. Extracting a radiator takes time/coolant to remove from the car so dont mess about soldering any leaks. Get if recored at a specialist [Motorads = national company].... should cost about £100 and be as good as new.


Man you guys are fast thank you for your reply it turned out to be nice weather so I took the 90 rocky and went snowboarding but today Im gonna check the cap I hope thats it

Just for info there is a Rock

Just for info there is a Rocky/Fourtrak radiator for sale on ebay at the moment, second hand but described as in good condition. Do a search under Fourtrak or Daihatsu if you are interested.

had a water leak myself this

had a water leak myself this week, started with a gurgling noise first thing in the morning when i started the engine. Found it to be leaking where the top hose fits onto the radiator (the original hose clip was pants!) water was leaking down the side of the radiator hence the air into the system and the gurgling noise! All solved with a decent hose clip