Hi all, I have a 1991 Fortrak EL which is vibrating through the steering column at 30mph (no problem below this)as I get up to 40 to 50mph the vibration lessens a lot but you can still feel a roughness in the running.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem?


Thanks for the reply,

Yes, recently had all new tyres, so all balanced and tracking done.


hi just wondering if you go off road much or use muddy tracks because any build up of dried mud on the inside of the wheel rim will throw the balancing way off.
I know this is probably unlikely due to new tyres being fitted but thought it was worth a mention (as is the cheapest option for a cure)

have you or anyone to your kn

have you or anyone to your knowledge had the propshafts off, because if there not put back on exactly as they were removed it sends the balancing out of all proportion causing this type of problem other than that mate try your ball joints and other suspension parts, they should all have grease nipples on, greasing them might elieviate the problem hope this helps.....dean

Prop shaft

The prop' was out of alignment (Not been put back together in line) thanks all for the help and suggestions.




Sounds as if your problem is due to wheel balance, resulting in sympathetic harmonic vibration at the speed where the problem appears worst. When the shop "balanced" your wheels, was it a "static" or "dynamic" balance? Dynamic balancing is conducted by spinning the assembled wheel & tyre assembly and strategically adding weights at areas identified with a strobe. This is the only way to go as "Static" balancing only places the wheel in equilibrium whilst at rest and does not take dynamic forces introduced during rotation into effect. This type of wheel balance went out with the ark but some shops still try to use this type of "free balance" as an incentive to sell tyres to unsuspecting customers. If the wheels have been properly dynamically balanced, check for loose front wheel bearings or, secondly a shot out tie rod end.

David Mc


I get the same problem after being off road. The cause of mine is mud build up in the rims, usually a good jet wash sorts it.