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i'm after a new posh, sporty and smaller steering wheel for my sportrak anyone know where i can get a wheel and boss from?

steering wheel

Hi, i'm trying to do the same thing and have encountered a few probs
firstly motorfactor shops such as motor world and halfords don't stock bosses to fit a sporti so getting a loveley posh wheel is fine but without the boss it's useless.
secondly online shops and mailorder co. dont stock many accesories for sporties either, maybe i'm looking in the wrong place. I'm still looking though! i'll keep you posted.

Mounty (think that's how you

Mounty (think that's how you spell it) specalise in stearing wheels and accesories, inc. bosses.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Steering wheel boss

Hi all, "OMP" make a steering wheel boss, part no. DA383, they refer to it fitting the Feroza, you can email them and they will tell you your nearest dealer, but you can find it on ebay,
that link might work, if not, just search for YBRACING in the community section of ebay, they list it as "OMP Steering Wheel Hub DAIHATSU APPLAUSE CUORE CHARADE"
Hope this helps.

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i bought one of those omp boss kits of ebay advertised for rocky got in touch with them toask if it would fit my fourtrak they said it would but it is to big some of the codes are the same for a lot of the steering wheeels so double check

Steering wheel boss

I quite agree, as with any modification, you should always double check that it will fit/work. At some point in the near future I will be buying one myself so will post the results as and when it happens.

Fourtrak (93-on) steering boss

Greetings drivers,

I've been looking for an aftermarket steering boss for my 98 fourtrak and I found a Momo make that is advertised for the 93-on model.

For anyone interested, it's Momo 3407 part number (Momo 3405 part number for bef-93 and Sportrak)


Wil it or won't it fit?

Hi all, better late than never, I can confirm that part no. DA383 OMP boss does fit a Sportrak, I got it from YBRACING on ebay, make sure you specify DA383 when you order, or they won't send anything as I found out.
I am also breaking a couple of Sportraks, so let me know if you want anything.