fuel drain warning light, what does it mean ?


hi all, tonight coming home, in the dark from a shopping expidition i had TWO warning lights come on, happily the motor kept going LOL.

The Fuel Drain Light and the Charge light came on, seemingly together, and stayed on for the rest of the jopurney !.

But what does the Fuel Drain light mean please, i can see it will going to the doctors very soon !!!!!!!!!!




Wassssss Upppppp...


The fuel drain warning light is simply telling you that water is collecting in the bottom of the fuel filter...do not worry, it is susposed to do that......

The fuel filter serves two purposes....filter the fuel and collect water....due to the gravity of diesel it will naturally sit on top of water.

Pop the bonnet....the fuel fitler is located on the right of the engine bay (behind the battery) on the bottom of the filter there will be a screw plug. Get some rag......place it under the filter and gentally un screw the plug......the water will then drain out of the bottom of the filter....when fuels starts to run out, close the tap. do not completly unscrew the tap.......it only need loosening.

Have you serviced the beast yet? Every year I always replace the fuel filter around October time regardless of mileage...

I would be more worried about the alt light.......how did the body work go with the daughters boss?? did you fix the axle leak..what about the radio...complete re-wire?





TimmyBoth lights coming on

Both lights coming on is a sure sign the alternator brushes have gone past their use by date. Its relatively easy to replace them, just a little bit of knowledge, and a small spanner, screwdriver, and soldering iron needed, and about 1 hr. And of course, a new set of brushes.

I am pretty busy at the moment, but if I get 5 or 10 minutes, I will do up a pictorial step by step, and post it on Outerlimits for all to see.

And yes, H has given the correct proceedure for bleeding water contamination out of the filter bowl, except you may have to slightly undo the bleeder screw on top of the primer pump to allow it to bleed. Also, with both these lights coming on together, and it being (assumed) to be the alternator brushes, the bowl wont actually need draining.

You will also get these, and probably other, lights coming on during or after fording deep (say top of grill) depth water. This is due to water ingress into the alternator. It soon drys and rectifies itself.


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both the lights are connected

both the lights are connected on the same circuit, this happened to my truck couple of months ago, it means the brushes in the alternator are stuffed, so charge the batt, dont drive at night (you can drive as long at there is enought juice to keep the stop soliniod open) and get the truck to your local auto electrical shop! 30 odd quid to replace the brushes.

its doubt full it needs a full drain, this is exactly what happened to my truck!

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thanks lads, that is all very

thanks lads, that is all very helpfull indeed, as far as i can discover, all the bleedin places round here dont mess about changing brushes, or perhaps dont know how to, they would rather (easier) flog another alternator !!!!!!!!!

PS. I went to one garage for DIAGNOSIS, they said it was OVERCHARGING ???


Well its certainly a charging

Well its certainly a charging problem! i suppose it could be over charging but doubt that!

have you got a test meter or know someone that has a test meter? start the engine and you should read 14 volts plus on the battery with engine running, anymore than 16 and and less than 14 and there is a problem!

an good auto electrical shop, will be able to test and tell you straight away what the problem is. it is possible its the voltage regulator, but the alternator brushes would be my first thing to check.
basically if there is less than 14volts on the battery with engine running, ie. 10 to 12 volts, then it is the alternator! if there is more than 15, 16 volts on the battery with engine running a contact on the voltage reg may have stuck closed/open a light tap may free it.

but my best advice would be to take it to a good auto electrical shop! dont let anyone tell you, you need a new alternator when its probably the brushes.

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

thanks jonbigpants

it looks like we have now tracked someone down locally who is not going to rob us, a real genuine guy, who will sort it out as economically as he possibly can Smile

It will definitely be the bru

It will definitely be the brushes in the alternator, they don't sell just the brushes, its the little unit the fit into that you need to buy, try Luas or similar, mine cost around £7 last year and takes a couple of minutes to do.

hope this hels


thanks john, for your pennort

thanks john, for your pennorth, it looks like we are definitely getting there, my thanks to all who have advised on this problem.