no sidelights


got a 89 rocky, the sidelight fuse repeatedly blows, disconnected all the lights from wiring looms including the dashboard and rear door, fuse still blows. have found the connector under the carpet next to the passenger seat and dissconnected the rear loom which dissapeers down through the floor, this got front sidelights working , if the rear loadspace side panel is removed it is possible to run some new wires from the under carpet connecter to the rear nearside light cluster, i used a piece of power lead from a scrap vacuum cleaner, have now cut the side light wire at the connector and bypassed the rear loom to the rear lights , all sidelights are now working,still got no number plate light and no foglight but its now got dark, will get them another day. i presume the rear loom has been damaged somewhere at the back end possibly where it goes over the diesel tank. is this a commom problem?

side lights

Hi, most electrical problems can be traced to non standard equipment added to the vehicle loom or damage done to the loom by work such as welding or trapping the loom under something after repair work. have you got a towbar fitted? If so has the electric connector been reversed into or corroded inside? is the loom corroded where the towing electrics have been spliced in?

I had a similar problem a cou

I had a similar problem a couple of months ago, a cable/electrics connected to the 2nd towing electrics, were causing the clocks( fuel, temp, rev counter) to stop working, I recond it was earthing somewhere. I removed the connections (power splitter cables etc) and it's been fine since. I'd trace round the cables and check for any earthing problems or damaged wires. Unfortunately it's one of those pain in the arse jobs.

Good luck