Colway AT's


Hi all,

Just had 5 Colway 235/75R15 all terrains arrive. Will hopefully get them fitted in the next week or so.
I'm getting the Sportrak lifted an inch or so to make room.
I'll let you know how the tyres perform. They were £40 a piece
from Tyres Direct if anyone's interested.


Yes, I'm interested.

More details please .... I've got 4 rims getting ready for some tyres, so a full set of knobblys would be a good idea. Are these specd for road use too?

How much does your tyre shop charge to fit them Unknw

I've had some on for 12K and

I've had some on for 12K and really they show negligible wear, think they were about £45 each plus fitting and balancing which was about another 15 each due to them needing about 50 grammes of balancing weights each!!!!
They are ok but not as good as the BFG's and all have a fair bit of surface cracking on a year later but they grip well seem good off road and I had been looking at £100 plus for the BFG AT's.
Having said that they are now only £80 or so on

colways tend to wear down a l

colways tend to wear down a lot quicker than BFG's or other 'new' tyres. However if you are intending to use them properly, then cheap soft tyres are better, as they don't matter so much when you rip them up on flints etc.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

The Colways

OK so I got them fitted on Saturday (£40 inc balancing at local back street tyre fitters). So far I'm very impressed with the on road manners. They grip well wet or dry and seem to soak up bumps and ripples better than the standard size road tyres I had before.
Moving up to 235/75 has killed the acceleration somewhat and it stuggles a bit more on long hills but fast on road performance isn't
what the Sportrak is built for anyway. Tyre noise levels are fine also. I have a muck session planned for Sunday, so I'll give off road
performance opinions after that. Finally, they look flash as f**k on the Sporty!!


The Colways

Err...forgot to mention that they have been fitted with no suspension lift yet. They went on fine but the bolts that hold the front mudguard to it's bracket were close. Not wanting to lose the front guards I 'persuaded' the mudguard brackets backwards a little with
a long metal bar no probs.
The tyres don't appear to rub anywhere on full lock so happy as Larry.
Next job is getting it lifted a bit, oh and the new performance extractors should arrive soon. Smile

And our survey said?

How did it perform in the dirt? Any rubbing to report?

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Colways in the mud.

Got an off road session in down near Donnington.
It was a total mud bath, club members were saying it was about the worst they'd seen on the site.
The tyres performed admirably in axle deep boggy stuff, I was suprised
how well they did. Got stuck 3 times during the day but that was down to grounding diffs in deep ruts rather than no traction, plenty of folks on hand to snatch people out though. Great day, loads of fun.
Only down side was about £7 in the bloody jet wash when I got home LOL.