Steering stiffness


I have a '93 Fourtrak Independant, and the steering goes stiff when turning to the right only. I have greased all the steering joints etc, and the problem has improved, but is still there. I noticed a couple of posts on this site having the same problem. I would be very interested to know if anyone managed to resolve their problem? Cheers.

Sreering Stiffness

Thanks John, forgot to say I'd alrady checked that, and the fluid level. Funny thing is, it gets worse the longer it's driven! Guess I'b best have look at the power steering pump itself. Not sure the best way to check it out though.. Cheers.

I think there are separate va

I think there are separate valves in the steering pump for left and right steering, maybe the right side is leaking Unknw Maybe it gets worse with use as the fluid thins a little with heat Unknw

Steering Stiffness

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the help and advice, have to say that the steering has now freed up over the last few days, so I guess the grease has finally worked it's way in and is doing it's job. So looks like I need to keep on top of the servicing better.
Ta for the msg paulbr, I'll keep your offer in mind if the fault comes back again.

Cheers all.