Hey Guys (and gals???), can I have some help?


Hey everyone,
First off I'd like to say that i'm not from the UK. I'm from Barbados, but I've got a friend who wants to become a MAXhead and I want to help. But our problem is that we :-ODON'T know what the hell we're doing!!:-O LOL. We want to install some ICE in his mom's YRV starting with speakers... but we can't even figure how to get the bleedin' door panels off. We don't want to go the easy way by paying someone to do it we want the pride of being able to say YEP!! I did it myself. I figured if anyone would know you guys would. Help It's a fully loaded YRV power windows and all that. Me personally I (hope I don't get into trouble for this) I drive a 1999 Micra with a Kenwood head unit (stealth retraction mechanism), with audiopipe 6.5 door speakers and a custom door build (I messed up one of the panels and had to create a door build LOL :$) and a soundbarrier amplifier pushing a Coustic 10" sub. Proud to say ALL done by me!
So I was just wondering if I could get some Help so that I can hook my mate up.