Stuck in 4wd


I left my 1990 Fourtrak 2.8td (F75) parked up for two weeks in low ratio, therefore 4WD. For some reason, it's been stuck in 4WD ever since. I've tried all the normal ways to get it out but no luck.I'm currently running it in 2WD which is actually 4 with the front hubs set to free to get some relief. Any Ideas?

Have you tried reversing the

Have you tried reversing the vehicle with full lock on left and then right whilst stopping intermittently to physically try and move the linkage into the transfer box from underneath. This often works on our 4x4 trucks at work. Hope this helps.

Stuck in 4WD

Thanks Gary, I have tried reversing as you describe but it's still stuck. There doesn't seem to be any linkage visable. You engage 4WD with a switch on the dash as opposed to a lever, some sort of electro-magnet I guess. Any further ideas?

the 4wd will be engaged via a

the 4wd will be engaged via a solenoid probably somewhere on the side of transfer case (not entirley sure because i've never seen one of these) now i would imagine that the solenoid in question will be a little corroded therefore leaving you 4trak jammed well and trully in 4wd if you have a manual it should be easy to locate, i used to work on a farm and had this problem many times on our tractors, not that i'm likening a 4trak to a tractor you understand, good luck and i hope this helps mate.

Freeing from 4WD

If you are stuck in 4H i presume you checked to see that it is actually in 4WD and not just the reporting light on the dash that is the problem? My switch for reporting is a bit sticky and can tell me that I either haven't changed from 4 to 2 or vice versa. It usually corrects itself once the transfer box has warmed up a bit. (The reporting switch is a screw fitting with 2 wires out of the top of it on top of the transfer box just aft of the transfer box shift lever.)
The changeover itself is a vacuum controlled affair. The hose is run down the right handside of the gearbox into the front of the transfer box. There is a loom arrangement together with the wiring for the electrical control circuit and vacuum switch all pulled together which is bolted onto the front of the transfer box. You can work on it from under the vehicle but its a dog, a pit or ramps are really whats necessary (unless you've got long thin and very flexible arms, steel fingers and a high resistance to pain). I had mine off when I changed out my transfer box. You might try checking to make sure you haven't got any hoses loose from the nipples, holes in the hoses and that all the wiring down there is live. The clip together junctions tend to corrode after 10 years or so of use.
If everything is connected and you haven't bent something in the transfer box itself then run the car around in 4 wd until it is all warmed up, then swith to 2 wheel drive and reverse for 3 to 4 hundred yards to free the transfer box.