Cut-out switch on injector pump


I bought a 1999 Fourtrak TDX on Friday and now the cut-out switch on the injector pump is playing up. Is this a regular thing, and if so, how can I cure it?

Are you referring to the "clu

Are you referring to the "clunking" component on the right hand side of the car under the bonnet ?. If so it's meant to do that on start up and when the engine is cold.

Cut-out switch on injector pump

The relay/timer for the glow plugs is fine and as a precaution I changed the glow plugs; (one was faulty) . The switch cuts out the injector and fuel pumps. No fuel goes through the filter bowl and the injector pump is disabled. I have been told by a Lucas auto electrician/mechanic that the injector pump has to be sent to a specialist to be repaired as the switch is a sealed unit within the pump.
Does anyone know who does this work, at what price, or do I need a new/reconditioned injector pump complete?; again, at what price.