drain fuel tank


hi guys, i need to drain a fuel tank on a daihatsu applause i think its a 16 xi efi.

what is the easiest way to do this? the tank is pritty much full of fuel

most fuel tanks will have a d

most fuel tanks will have a drain plug at the lowest point on the bottom of the tank!

dont know on this particular car, does it have a tank guard? if not look for a nut on the bottom of the tank! and have a big can ready to catch (the lot) as when it comes out it will all piss out very quickly and its not the sort of thing you can put the plug back in while you drain off your catcher bowl. there will be fuel all over the gaff, up your arms everywhere.

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!


I have nevre known car petrol tanks to be fitted with drain off valves. Central heating oil storage tanks certainly have drainage but they hold 25OO+ litres! The only method you have available is to use a flexible tube and siphon the fuel into containers.