Hi everyone. Unfortunately I am not the proud owner of a fourtrak anymore because some toe-rag nicked it the other night. 2.8 non turbo fourtrak reg - E941XSM. Light blue with orange stripe. Bull bar on front(where else?) and checker plate bumpers at the back. Short wheelbase and white wheels. Vented discs on front(not standard)and checker plate boot floor. Anyone who can find it for me I will buy beer for all bloody night and be forever in their debt. OK it was a bit rough, but it was MINE and I loved it. Not worth claiming on insurance and losing NCB with a £250 excess.
Cheers all,
Pissed off in Yorkshire.

Sorry to hear your news mate,

Sorry to hear your news mate, there are some right thieving bast&rds about !!!! Will keep my eyes open. Check out places like ebay to see if it gets listed or someone starts listing loads of second hand spares.

Got the chassis number ??

OK, we don't go looking around for chassis numbers, but they are dead easy to see on the front crossmember behind the numberplate.

It might make the difference if someone is suspicious of a 4trak matching your description, but with a false numberplate.

Presumably, plod is much too interested in nicking people for speeding than to be of any help.