Paranormal Springs for a 91 Forty??


The ride in my recently aquired and much admired low millage 91 forty van is somewhat jarring to say the least. From my experience with leaf sprung series landies I know that they can be greatly improved with a set of parabolic springs. My question is does anyone know if parabolics are available for my vehicle, or any other suggestions for softening the ride a little bit. It had new standard srings and shocks on the rear just before I bought it, but they don't seem very supple. The front springs look to have seen better days and are about flat, giving it that somewhat ungraceful dragster look, please advise.

Cheers James.

ya springs

The front leafs on a fourtrak are nearly flat anyway i wouldnt worry to much, you want lift extend ya shackles by "2 for an extra inch of lif, however if ya springs are indeed shagged this may force them to bend the other way, I owned the monster fourtrak in the gallery, there are no parabolics available for this truck i would sugest buying a new set of springs undoing the pack and removing the helper , this will allow for more flex and a more supple ride , hope this helps mate