Hi could anyone give me advise on the correct way to bleed my water system on my sportrak because i have air in the system.

thanks in advance jim.

I forgot to sportrak

I forgot to sportrak makes a loud gurgling sound when i rev it and it sounds like water is rushing all over the place behind the dash.

any ideas anyone.

thanks jim.

Sounds like a leak.

Sorry to give you bad news .... if your getting gurgling behind the dashboard, I think your heater matrix is leaking. Its probably leaking whilst the engine is hot but water circulation keeps the matrix full. When the engine is cold, stood overnight, water leaks out onto the carpet. When starting and reving the engine, the circulation pumps water into the matrix void - hence the gurgling rush of water Check for damp patches on the carpet to each side of heater unit.
Bleeding the system has no tricks. Just fill and run the engine to normal temp. When cool top up.