sportrak - odd rust places


im lookig to byself anohter sportrak after my old one died and had to be sold on, i have seen an L reg one with electric everything in very tidy condition for 1400 from a second hand car dealership. on a closer look i noticed rust patches on what seems like odd places: the fuel cap, under the back door handle and behind the number plate. there is nothing around the wheel arches which is where my old one went very rusty. is this normal rust places and is it likely to spread a lot? is there anything else i should be looking out for?

and i know its hard to say without seeing it but is about the right price? im not sure what trim it is but as i said its full electrics with a cassette player, bull bars and the wide kit, apart from those few rust patches it looks immaculate.


Depends on how it's been trea

Depends on how it's been treated. A previous owner may have paid attention to the usual areas like wheel arches whilst leaving less obvious parts.

The real problem patch is that panel directly below the front grille, and some areas of the chassis.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty