FourTrak Manual?


Hi! Ok First I am new and a girl. Secondly I don't own a Diahatsu *ducks* My daddy does. And I have just discovered that Haynes don't do a manual *grumble grumble*

So for Xmas, I would realy like to get my dad a copy of the Manual. He has the little service book thingy and I saw you have the Manual on CD. But my dad doesn't do these new fangled computery thingies.

Is there anyone who can help me out with a paper copy?

zomg, I just noticed I can't

zomg, I just noticed I can't spell. I must apologise.

Can I also mention that the Fourtrak was only acquired a month ago, and has already overtaken myself, my brother and my litte sister in my fathers affections?!

I'm afraid this is perfectly

I'm afraid this is perfectly normal behaviour from your dad karusa. The only thing i can suggest is if a local dealer may have an old copy tucked away or ebay. Happy hunting and xmas.

A lot of the CD manuals, part

A lot of the CD manuals, particularly those on Ebay are just poor quality copies of the genuine workshop manual saved as PDF files so be careful what you are buying. If you buy a genuine CD manual I'll print it off for you if you let me have a copy SmileWink

CD Manual

Trust this site, Lurch,s manual is the best you can get, avoid Ebay for this item.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

I have a genuine paper manual

I have a genuine paper manual for the Fourtrack (F75,F77,F80)

This manual is for sale.

Please pm me if interested.

Workshop manual

Hi Mike
I've just bought a 1986 fourtrak 2l petrol and wondered if you still had that manual (F75,F77,F80)for sale. Mines an F85 but presumably the engine and running gear will be the same, probably with a longer driveshaft!