Sportrak advice


I haved a very ill sporty elxi, the poor wee mite first of all had a small disagreement with a farm wall on the estate where i work, which is getting fixed, but on the agri engineer on the estate beginning to fix this he has discovered that the osf chassis leg consists of fibreglass matting and some badly welded tin plate (Yes I know I've prob bought a pup) he has managed to replate the n/s/f and has started on the o/s/f which is in a shockin state

I was wondering is replating it all a good idea or am i chuckin money down the drain as i have no idea if the chassis will be any where as strong as if it was original and if off roading it would be a good idea? Any advise or experience on repaired chassis would be greatly appreciated.

That's not normal for a Daiha

That's not normal for a Daihat's. The chassis is normally prity bullet proof (except some of the tubular sections, and they take quite a beeting befor giving up). Has it got a tow point on the front? Has it posibly been used for lanching boats? If so the chassis may be worse than it looks.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

sportrak advise

It's funny you should say that because the agri engineer who is piecing my wee sporty back together said exactly the same, could be salt water corrosion. Iam still in two minds what to do the rest of it is in immaculate condition and I do like it but the chassis is worrying me a bit the agri engineer thinks once plated the chassis will be fine can anyone verify this, and will i be able to do light off roading without it falling apart.

sportrak advice

I posted the above thread a couple of weeks ago and Iam still needing advise on what to do with my sporty, I don't want to get rid of but 500 beer tokens seems alot of money to spend getting the chassis problem sorted, will alot of strength be lost from the chassis being re- plated? (as It would be used on hill roads on the estate where i work) any advise greatly appreciated as I'm between rock and hard place at minute.

rusty bits!

i only payed £300 for my sporty but had to do some welding on the chassis as well.both front arms where the bull bars go on had vanished and where the chassis kicks up to go over the back wheels needed a 9 inch patch on both sides. it's passes two MOT'S since then and had some good offroading with my mates in their landrovers with no problems.only trouble is i did the welding myself at no cost i recomend you buy a mig welder and do your own ,saves loads of money !