Creaks from suspension


Hi, I've not had this sporti long and from what i understand from the previous owner it's never been off-roaded, and the damper nearly always set to hard, It was made in '92 Following a brief greenlaning jaunt over the weekend i noticed a creaking from the front when on half to full lock it only happens when i brake or accelerate with the wheels locked round, or when the wheel goes up or down on ruts and bumps. Is this serious or is it just lack of use?? since then speed humps make the backend creak like the front bt on inspection i can't see anything wrong! Help!

Creaks from suspension

Possibly knackered shockers on the rear, I had similar problem. But as for the front Im not too sure. could be swivel hub brearings, or wheel bearings. They're reasonably cheap to repalce but put keep in mind half a day to change them!

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Mine creaks a bit from the ba

Mine creaks a bit from the back when traversing London's many speed humps. I think the cure will be to grease the leaf springs like i did on my old Spitfire a few years back. Did the trick on that!

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