cuore auto se


Is there a club out for this car and can anyone help in finding out what size alloy wheels would fit the curo auto. i looking for any nice bodywork out there.please can anyone help form martin in cornwall.

Alloys and extras

My partner has a Cuore and from when I looked about for information about mods, etc I remember reading that you could put alloys upto 15" on. I also found a site selling lowering springs so I personally would put 14" alloys on and buy a set of springs and lower it as I think the Cuore would look much better just lowered (depending on which model it is).

I know you can get a spoiler for the Cuore aswell as I saw one on ebay a couple of months ago. Not sure if you can buy them directly from Daihatsu or not. I would say best thing to do would be to email Gary Langford who is listed in the Parts Dealers section and he will check for you, as he works for Daihatsu.

There is a club which is purely for Daihatsu Charade and Cuore owners called Daihard and is listed in the links section of the site. I am trying to get more users who drive cuores, charades, and other models but it is hard to keep them when theres only a few on the site!
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