Ground clearance


Hi,i'm new to this sort of thing so please forgive my ignorance !.I have read on the site about geting upto 2 inchs lift by winding up the tosion bars on my sporty, sounds easy but i've been told my camber will alter with nasty results on the road handling, is this true? also is there a bigger set of wheels off another model that will fit ?mine are 15s with 225 muds on but thay look narrow !

no nasty problems

hi mick i have wound mine up and have had no problems even bottom out the suspention out on a regular basis apart from the odd tyre rubbing the wheel arch just. fitted it with 31.10.50r15 rather than the 255.70r15 think it gives the axle about a one inch lift but has killed the fuel econemy a bit lose about 60 miles to a full tank of diesel on the road driving.

torsion bars

Thanks mate for the info,guess i can always put them back to normal if needed i was just a bit worryed about stability at around 60mph as i also use the car for going to work and i'd been told that if the camber was to alter it would get a bit twitchy !

no problems

i run mine on mudterrain tyres an dont have a problem and didnt have befour thay were fitted even when pushed hard round bends just have to remember its not a racing car. hope this helps