problem with new headunit - iso is there but no joy?


hi guys.

after replacing my corsa c headunit i thought installing one in my mums daihatsu would be an easy job! but oh no no!
i need some help

Firstly, the old radio unit was wired in directly. so i cut the wires above the resistors i think they are.

i saw that the car also had an ISO connection type thing so i used the adaptor i bought from motorworld and plugged it in and then into the headunit. also the ariel.

then taped up the loose cut wires.

i go to turn on the player and it turns on. but no sound is playing.

i am confuddled, because surely if it was a problem with cutting the wires then the headunit wouldnt even turn on? the wires i cut were

green- left speaker
grey - right speaker
black - speaker commun
red- power supply
pink - memory b+

please can somone help?

also, will there be a danger when my mum starts the car and drives because ive left the red power wire unconnected?

I had the problem with gettin

I had the problem with getting a replacement Head Unit working in a Cuore which has the identical wiring to my Sportrak. What would happen is the unit would turn on but do nothing at all. What turned out to be the problem was a fault with the memory power. As was a CD headunit they are generally crafty and use the power from that too to power the unit properly. Fixed that and it all worked fine. So i'd guess that you might not have one of the power sources wired up or working properly? Might also be best to check to make sure not blown any fuses.