transmission info on fourtrak


could anybody tell me how to engage four wheel drive on k reg fourtrak, (diesel) is there also a differential lock and how does it work ie is it center diff lock or is in the front or rear axle. might seem like a stupid question but info on drivers door has worn off and any help would be really appreciated

Standard road work. Rear whee

Standard road work. Rear wheel drive. Second 'gear' lever (stuby one) right forward, 2 wheel drive (wd) high range. Pull back for 4wd high range. To select 4wd low range from 4wd high rang possition pull lever towards drivers seat, then as far back as it will go. Remember to actually get 4wd, you will also need to engage the free wheeling hubs. On some vehicles this it a switch on the dash, or automatic. But on most vehicles you have to turn a dile in the middle of both front wheels. It's marked up with 'free' and 'lock'. You need lock for 4wd. There are no diff locks on a standard Daihatsu, but as it is a 2wd car for road work, engaging 4wd has the same effect as engaging the centre diff lock on a permanent 4wd car, like a Rangr Rover.

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thanks nev.k really appreciate that info, is there any common faults with the above the reason i ask is that i'm not sure 4x4 works. all the best

all the best