Hi There
I am a new member today unfortunately i need help straightaway! Ihave a 93 sportrak elxi that has stopped! Driving normally it began to lose power stalling consistently eventually stopping. if you remove plugs and dry them it will start being hard to create revs and stalling as soon as you lift off. Have checked fuel filter and cat,starting does seem to improve if you pull plug off of small 2inch square 1/2 inch black box on side of the injection intake. Has anyone any ideas? or where near Sidcup in Kent could i get it looked at?

Try the electrics.

Could be an electrical problem. Start by checking the condition of the distributor and especially the distributor's rotor + cap.




Check the choke is working/releasing.
Next ... fuel starvation.

hard starting/running

Don't know if this will help but i had a problem starting and running once the engine was warmed up. if i stoped it when warm it would not restart till it had cooled down and the odd time it did start it ran shit ! i traced the fault to the sensor in the back of the cylinder head just under the distributor ( tricky to see ) but after changing this all has been fine !the sensor tells the computer the engine is cold all the time so it chokes it out when hot.