Body modifications


Hello all, ive had my YRV for about 6 months now and im really looking to get her fixed up. i have got a stainless steel inductions kit made for it and a sound system in the boot. After xmas there will be 17's , tinted windows and a custom exhaust going on it. However, im finding it had to find styling parts for it ie. body kits, spoilers, scoops etc. If anyone can help me out it will be a great help

ill get my pics posted asap


YRV body kits seem to be hard

YRV body kits seem to be hard to come by in the UK, I presume your in the UK?

There are a couple of YRVs in my image gallery.

Your best bet is CLUB YRV SINGAPORE.

It's all english, very friendly and there are members from all over the world.

Someone could point you in the right direction to import a body kit, ect.

It's well worth joining.

Hope to see you on the forum.

YRV Forum

Just got set up for the forum you suggesed, cheers for the help. Btw i am from northern ireland so it is very hard to get any parts for a yrv so hopefully i'll get sorted!

Glad you joined. If you chec

Glad you joined.
If you check out the photo gallery at the top right of the home page there are some "Miscellaneous" albums containing some great photos of body kits and scans from magazine articles of modded and race prepared YRVs.