Fuel Gauge fault


I have a Daihatsu Feroza (Australia)/Sport Trak and the fuel gauge is not working. Can anyone in the UK give me some advice as to why its not working and how it can be fixed.
Thanks for any help you can give me and hello from Western Australia!

Fuel Gauge

Hi John

Does the Temp gauge work okay? If so, then the Fuel gauge is getting power to it. (The Temp gauge is powered from the same low voltage feed as the Fuel gauge.)

If you pull apart the wiring connector block adove the fuel tank from the fuel sender unit and connect the two terminals together in the main wiring harness side of the connector block with a short length of wire and switch on the Ignition, the fuel gauge should read Full. If it does the fuel tank sender unit (or wiring between the connector block and the tank sender) is faulty. Only leave the test wire connected for as long as it takes to carry out the check as you may damage the fuel gauge if left connected for too long

If it doesn't show full then either the wiring to the gauge, the gauge itself or wiring from it to the tank sender connection block is faulty.

If you want a more detailed procedure follow this link http://www.dougfreeze.com/daihatsu/manual/ & download 'SectionBE-Body Electrical System' then read from page BE-14

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for your advice, we will give it a try...