Fitting new cart springs to my Sportrack


Just had a rummage underneath after a few excursions out of the car parks in the New Forest (don't they climb steep slopes well?? Wink ) and noticed that my rear leaf springs are more or less flat and not parabolic. I take it that this is not how it is supposed to be? They are a tad rusty too, and like the one I junked on my old spitfire. Changing the spring on that transformed it, but the Sporty handles fine. So do they need replacing and is it a nightmare job or fairly simple? Do the aftermarket ones compare well and do they come with shackles etc?

Also, is there an easy way to get to the oil filler bolt on the gearbox and is it easy to pop oil in it?

cart springs

I put some second hand springs on mine last year and it was easyer than i was expecting ! none of the bolts were rusted in, even the U bolts came undone !.when a got my sporty the last owner had welded the the broken leafs together on one side !so i noticed a BIG change, sorry don't know about the rest.