Leave over axle conversion on my 1990 Rocky F75


Hi there,

I did a leave over axle conversion on my 1990 Rocky F75 and I'm enjoying the view from above and the ditches I can take with ease now Smile
Did the conv. with my standard equipment and therefore had to change the lower bold hookup of the front shock's.
Problem is that the bracket I welded on the diff for the lower bold keeps breaking of on rough terrain Scratch one-s head
Has any one suggestions on type of shock to use and there customize hookup Help

I will post a picture or two soon, hope others will do so more to.

Kind regards,


Going up??

just reading your note about putting your leaf springs above the axle
sounds kool as i need to replace my springs(getting very saggy at the poshspice end) did you use standard u bolts etc?
any one out there can recomend what replacement shockers to use
Im not going off road racing i just work with saxo(sad) drivers and they go so low i want to go UP!!

U bolts

No, they are custem made out of treath end bars used in steel construction.

Your drive confort will go down so think clear before you dear... Biggrin