Am I expecting too much?


F70 2.8 diesel N/A. All the power seems to be in the first 1/4 to 1/3 movement of the pedal. Pushing down any further doesn't seem to do much atall. Is this normal? If not is there a common fault that could be causing this? Also the fuel consumption is really not much better (if atall) than my old 2.25 petrol landrover! Anything anyone has to say on this welcomed.

Lacking Power

Hi BoB,

When did you last give the car a service, a choked air filter will sap power and increase fuel consupmtion, a blocked fuel filter won't help your power either. While you're under the bonnet get some one to press the accelerator pedal & check that you're accelerator lever on the injection pump is travelling to the stop (6mm thread screw). It also wouldn't hurt to chuck some diesel system/injector cleaner in the tank next time you fill up.

Once you've finished under the bonnet, jack the car up and make sure that the wheels turn freely & the brakes aren't binding. Greasing the prop shafts and pumping the swivels hubs (24mm bung on the back of the swivels) full of grease is a good idea while you've got the thing up off the ground.

Finally make sure you're tyre pressures are all were they should be.

Hope some of this helps

what daz said! but also bear

what daz said! but also bear in mind, the 2.8 straight deisel is more like a tractor than a car! the lack of turbo does make a difference! not that you will know that, but comparing the 2.8 deisel to a petrol engine of similar size you will see a marked difference, namelly it will have tonnes more torque at the bottom end.
saying all that tho i would agree with what daz has said, and the thing is probably not running perfectly!
but you might be expecting a little much, it probably wont compare to the nip of a 2.25 petrol! try towing you will notice difference.
fuel consumption, well its hard to say, around 30mpg ish 26 to 30, depends on how you drive. if you drive it like a petrol engine then you will burn more fuel and it will appear all the power is at the bottom end. check for fuel leaks too, the fuel return pipes rot on a truck that age.

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