Questions and more questions........


All relating to my F78


I read in my service manual about a reminder buzzer if lights are left on, anyone got this? I was under the impression I would have to get something from Halfords?


Why don't all the buttons on the dash light up at night only the hazard button not the 4H 4X4 or rear window heater etc?? Is this normal???


Been thinking of installing a light in the rear because the one behind the folding seat on the near side doesn't do much. Anyone aleady done this? What did you use etc??


Noticed a 51 plate Fourtrak the other day which had a high visibility brake light, wondered if this could be fitted to an older model????

can think o fmore but that will do for now,


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hi,ive a 94 f78.
Q1.i also have no buzzer for lights but i'm sure it wouldnt be too hard to do.
Q2.same as u.
Q3.i just shifted the light that was there and put it higher.
Q4.use the search on this site and you will find a comment telling you step by step how to fit a breaking light.
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1. I dont have one in my F78,

1. I dont have one in my F78, you can rig one up easily if you wanted one. Lots of stuff on

2. Only the hazard button has a light in it. Others do not. I also find it difficult as the air conditioning/fan controls are also not lit up of a night.

3. I did not have a light in the back at all. (only above rear vision mirror in the front)
I installed a 12v Fluorescent Work light you can pick up from any auto store. I hard wired it with a switch just near the rear door, the light output is astounding now! Can see everything! I cable tied it to the rollover bar above the rear doorline. Works a treat!

4. Where was the high visibility brake light fitted?? I have one in my rear window.. im not sure what you mean though.

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Thanks for your replies. I dont have a high viz light on the back window, which was where this one was fitted on the 51 plate f78. the owner had an S reg before which didnt have one. i guess it should be quite simple to retro fit in that case? cheers for now. Nig.

There is a bulb behind the he

There is a bulb behind the heater control panel. Yours is probably blown. Its a small bugger. To get to it, you have to pull the entire dash out, or you can try to release the slide panel. Pull the knobs, and slide a thin piece of metal (Steel rule) along the top and bottom of the panel join. There are 3 little clips top and bottom, that may pop out with persuasion.


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