vinyl wrapping


Been thinking about a new paint job for my sporty for a while now nut want it to be a bit different. I've been told that vinyl wrpping is a lot cheaper than re-spraying and you can have any design you want. has anyone tried this or know of anyone who does it.

I dont think it is to durable

I dont think it is to durable and will tear etc if hit or scraped. If you go offroad i wouldnt consider it. You could get a new paint job and put vinyl graphics on your car, but then can remove the vinyl if you get sick of it or damage it. If it was cheaper and more effective there would be lots more people doing it.. coz if you didnt like it you can rip it off and have your old colour back.

At a local car show they did it to a car and used carbon fibre look vinyl. Looked good but not sure how long it lasted.