Does anyone know if there is..A DIFFLOCK


a firm that sells difflocks.. maybe used parts.. there was discussion about taftdiesel making one for 29spline but how about those with 87 and up models?? I'm a bit tired of winching when even smaller 4x4's go forward with locks Wink and "electric glue" to the diff doesn't work because my country won't allowe it to the roadtraffic.

diff lock

ive heard of a company called arb who surply air lockers for diffs but dont no if they produce a kit for fourtraks if this sheds any light jakesy.

I've visited meny different w

I've visited meny different web sites, including arb, and no. trutech used to make and i was extremely exited to find one in their web cataloque, BUT IT WAS YEARS OLD!! resent one doesn't include daihatsu Sad Please keep your eyes open..


I was tired to look for a diff locker for my F70 axles, so I did the following:

1. My F70 axles had LSD rear and open diff front. I welded the open front diff and I putted on the rear axle.
2. Change the LSD rear diff to the front axle.

Now I'm with LSD front a rear (welded) diff and works perfectly.


Juan Pablo