Avanzato gearbox


I'm the proud owner of a 98-S Avanzato TRXX-R4.

It's only done 25,000 miles since new but now the gearbox/differential is making some bad noises.

Does anyone know somewhere I can entrust my baby to without it costing me an arm and a leg?

Thanks in advance.


They are not cheap. There was

They are not cheap. There was a TRXX knocking about with a dodgy gbox or transfer box and it went dead cheap and was doing the rounds as people were buying it and then finding out how much it was to fix !

Really not so knowledgeable on these, much better on GTtis ! From the people I know with these forget the main dealers.

You might be better going to a rally preparation company as these were used in a number of rallying series with the Daihatsu Challenge cars prepared by Harry Hockley Motorsport so they may be worth a try.


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Wouldn't bother - tried Harry

Wouldn't bother - tried Harry Hockley about some stuff a bit ago and they say they no longer stock or do anything with the Daihatsus now.

Dead end? Never!

Thought I'd add my two penneth for what its worth! I also have a 98/S Avanzato, which has done 55k miles. It's in pretty good shape aside the need for a front wheel bearing set. Which I've been informed is likely to be the same part as from the standard Cuore. I will agree the gearbox is a weak link in an otherwise cracking little package...from experience I tend to wait a full 10 mins for engine warm up before setting off, which naturally gives the oil more chance to circulate through the ancillary parts, and hence I haven't had much complaints other than making sure I'm being overly clean and precise(and often slow!) with each gear change, purely in an effort to prolong its life. The transfer box(TB) I understand differs slightly from the TB in the similar "Classic" model of Cuore, as it uses an automatic LSD (Limited Slip Differential) and thus only sending power to the rear wheels when loss of traction is detected at the front. I have seen a photo of a "Classic" model TB, showing the setting for 2WD & 4WD, so it seems for those it is changeable, but I have yet to confirm if it is possible to adjust the TB on my 'Zato so that it runs permanently 4WD. I posted a topic on here not long ago with regards to the creation of a knowledge base/website blog for storing mechanical information and servicing advice, but it may be an ongoing job. Daihatsu dealers themselves are generally inconsistent across the UK, and obtaining correct OEM parts is often more of a chore than it should be. I dont pretend to be an expert on these cars, they are very intricate machines. PIEMASTER DAN is a reliable poster on this site, and is a good point of reference (Thanks!) Keep the faith my friend, these are rare and special little cars as I'm sure you've already become aware. I'm fortunate enough to be able to keep mine as a 2nd car, but its an affinity that is certainly not cheap! Smile

Cuore Blimey!