Fourtrak Power Steering


Hi Guys
Hoping one of you can help me with a little problem.
I have a 92 F75 Fourtrak which has suffered a squelling power steering belt. I recently replaced a leaking radiator and decided to replace both drive belts at the same time.
As you probably know the belts are not easy to do without removing too much so thought I'd do it all at the same time.
When it came to the power steering pump belt I noticed quite a bit of movement of the pump. When I looked further it turns out I have lost both bolts which attach the l shaped pump bracket to the front of the block, the side bolt is still in place. This I thought would be easy to sort, everything is metric or so I thought. Tried M8 (dosen't even touch the sides) next tried M10 (Won't fit through bracket) Hmm M9 (yeah rite try and find them they're like rocking horse wotsit).
I am at a loss trying to find bolts to fit, even dealers can't tell me what size they are.
Has anyone come across this problem or know what size I need to source??


My guess its M8, but the loos

My guess its M8, but the loose bolt has flogged out the threads. Have a close look to see if a longer bolt reaches any thread that may still be in there. If no, it may be possible to put a long bolt with a nut on the other end. Possibly even drill the hole on both block and bracket out to take next size bolt. Assuming the hole isnt into anything dramatic, like the waterjacket.


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fourtrak power steering

yes ive got a 94 indi mines the same bolt still in the side but the 2 front ones are missing and cannot get any to fit must be a problem i hate it as keep loseing power steering all of a sudden mostly at rounderbouts not much fun when the caravans on the back i think th threds have gone in the block but may be wrong also had the overheating problem (blocked rad ) would like to see if any one else has had these problems. like the jeep but they seem to have a lot of problems daihatsu should have sorted ! plus rot on the sills even on newer jeeps


Hi Guys
Thanks for all your comments on my missing bolt problem.
I have now sorted the problem. The bolts in question did actually turn out to be M9x1 and a friend of mine offered to turn some for me. I tried several nut and bolt suppliers but they would only supply multiples of 100 or 200 at a time which would of cost quite a bit and to pay to get then machined would have been silly money. Fortunately my friends father was able to help and machined me a set from scratch.


The threads are M10 FINE

Standard M10 is something about 1mm pitch. These are the fine version which is unfortunately much less common !

You will find that sneaky Mr Daihatsu does this trick all over the vehicle.


Have you tried a search on the net. and put in what your looking to find ie. supplier of 'nuts & bolts'. If you try a few alternative searches you will come up with a few telephone numbers/addresses. Limit the search to your local area then extend the locality. Give them a ring - Im certain you will get a good result but you might need a bit of imagination in your search criteria.
I just tried searching 'nuts & bolts' in my locality and came up with a whole list of possibilities including this company with website ... They supply all nuts and bolts, including supplies for the car industry, call-in at sales desk or deliver within 48hours.

Power Steering bolts

Hi Wes

I've just looked on a spare engine we have at work ( its out of a 1985 Fourtrak ) but they should be the same. The front two bolts are M8 x 1.25 i don't know the length as the pump bracket isn't fitted but the bolts have to go through the bracket and the ally timing case then into the block so they'll be about 40 - 45mm long ( put a thin screwdriver blade into the bracket hole until it stops ,that'll give you a measure of the length you need).

If the bolts still don't tighten then you'll need to have the holes re-threaded either with an insert to the correct size or taken out to 10mm (this is the cheapest and easiest option and with a 10mm bolt it'll probably be stronger). You'll just have to drill the bracket and the timing case holes out to accept the 10mm bolt and re-tap the threads in the block, although if was going to do this i'd remove the pump bracket, drill the timing case and block to the correct tapping size (8.5mm drill for M10x1.5), then tap both the timing case and the block. I say tap the timing case as well because the aluminium will take a thread easier so it will align the tap and provide a key for the tap for when you're trying to start the tap in the cast iron of the block. Once you have both bolt holes threaded then drill the timing case holes to 10mm taking care not to drill into the proper threades in the block. If you've never used a tap before i'd get someone who knows what he's doing as taps are very hard & brittle and snap if you use to much force, (this is where the experience comes in). Being hard they can't be drilled out, so if it snaps you've got bigger problems.

Hope this makes sense and is of some help, Daz

I might be able to help

Hi there...

I have an old rocket cover FULL of old nuts and bolts from variuos fourtrak adventures.......I think I know which bolt you want...I will take a look tomorrow if you are still struggling..I'm sure I will have the correct one (even have a power steering pump and res knocking around the garage too)