battery discharging


i have a 1993 sportrac EFI and the battery i being totally discharged if left for 3 days. has any body had the same problem? & any suggestion where to look. i have check simple things like interior lamps staying on etc & all so removed all fuses & checked for current
draw. how much is normal current draw with every thing off?


Get the battery tested - even if new! Many suppliers will freely test the condition of the battery - a test kit indicates if the battery is 'good', dying, or needs changing. A battery has a life of about 4years. The less the car is used the sooner a battery becomes faulty. Cold weather also aids a battery death. If the battery internal plates have oxodised, despite re-charging it wont hold charge for more than a few days.

Just paid £38 for a new Spor

Just paid £38 for a new Sportrak battery, better cranking current (300AH) as well.

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how much is normal current draw? you asked

Ideally the current should be zero when the car is parked. If you have a car alarm I guess the drain would be under 0.2amps.

All car batteries "self discharge" while idle. Three days should NOT cause bother.

If the plates are sulphated, that is the most common cause of battery weariness, then a prolonged charge at low curent e.g. 1 amp can remove most of the sulphate. ALEC