biggest rim-tire combination for charade G100


Hi guys.

I'd just like to know what is the biggest rim-tire combination that would fit on a charade G100 chassis without modifying the guards. Will a 15"X6" fit without additional modifications?

I ran 16s on mine but the han

I ran 16s on mine but the handling was crap as a resu;lt. The arches were slightly rolled for this to work. Natahan in the GTtiOC runs 17s and another guys vene got 18s under his but had to modify the inner and outwer arches.

15 should fit OK with the right offset. Honda Civic alloys fit nicely BTW.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Biggest Charade G100 Rims n Tyres.

Good advice from Allan, stick to 15's and avoid a load of trouble.
I have 15's on my GTti, with a 6.5j width. With this width there is only a few millimetres clearance from the inner to the shocker and the outside to the arch.
Cant remember what the offset was, but this is crucial to getting it right.
The cars stored elsewhere at the moment but will have a look as soon as and let you know.
I had 195x45x15's Yokos on them but changed the fronts to Toyo 50's due to cost when they wore out.
The Toyo 50's wont go on the back,they are too wide, even though they are still 195??
I think its alot to do with the RIM PROTECTION BAR they have.
The walls stick out alot further from the rim edge.
Also the 50's dont look as good as 45's but they are alot cheaper. Side walls look too chunky but they cope better over road humps etc and lots of them where i live.
A word of warning, make sure you get the right hub/spigot rings to adjust the centre hole and dont rely on the 4 bolts to hold the wheel on, THEY WONT!!!
They will go on without but they will wobble etc due to not being centred right.
Hope this helps.
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