Passenger Airbag for baby


Hi all,

I need to disable my Copen's passenger airbag to take my 24 month old little boy with me.

He is actually grabbing the keys with one hand and my neck with the other and saying "daddy daddy new car new car vamos vamos" and pointing at the little Copen with his little finger wanting to go for a ride.

A Daihatsu garage said : " No No ... We can not possibly do that !!"

Any of you has any ideas on how I can do this? Either myself or at a garage? Will they do it in France or Ireland?


Pass. airbag

I'd have thought that all newish cars had the option of disbaling the airbag, for exactly that reason, in case of child seats in the front. On my Mrs' Punto, it was a key slot on the side of the dashboard, visible and accessible only when the passenger door was wide open. She now has a Citroen Picasso, and it's in the same place. Don't know if it's just a French thing, but I'd have a look there.
Good Luck