YRV Radio Reception Problems


We have a Daihatsu YRV originally imported from Japan.

The radio reception was non-existant with the original radio, so we
have fitted another european-market radio/CD (this one worked well in
her previous car) and have found that reception is still really poor
and patchy.

Should we change the aerial and co-ax cable? Has anyone else had this
problem with a similar or other imported car? How did you fix it?



Hi Artie

I think you might need to get a FM expander. I remember reading that imports need them so that the stereo can pick up the uk FM range. However I'm not sure if it's because of the stereo or the aerial. It might be worth a try. If you do a search for them it should return numerous places that sell them.

What spec is the Japanse one you have?


53reg Black YRV Turbo 130