Replacing brake pads - Daihatsu Cuore


I want to know where to get front brake pads for my Cuore. I can get to the pads so why not replace them myself instead of paying a garage to do it.

Does anyone know where to get pads? and if i can use pads designed for other small cars if they are more readily available.

Also replacement batteries can you only get them from a Daihatsu dealer?


You can get pads easily from

You can get pads easily from a lot of places, what type of Cuore is it? If it's a Cuore Avanzato TR-XX there's cheap pads on, if it's a regular Cuore you should be able to get pads absolutely no bother from cheapo places, Motorworld etc. probably do them on order.

Batteries again you can just get from any cheapo motor place, the one in my Mira Classic is a Varta one put in by the previous owner after the other one went flat.

Good parts websites for standard Cuore

Thanks for your reply. Its a standard Cuore (1997 with 847cc, 3 door) I had a look on the Motorworld site but it didn't say which exact models the pads were for. Can you recommend any good part sites for the standard Cuore? I couldn't find batteries on the Motorworld site either.

Are you for real?

Luke are you having a private joke ; a laugh perhaps? Shok Any motor shop has catalogues of car parts with reference number to the stock part. Just go to your local motor shop and tell them what you need.
Exactly the same for a battery. Pay loads at a garage or pay less at a motor shop.
If your UK based go to Halfords. Try the telephone book/yellow pages under auto spares, there will be a shop local to you.