idling problems for a sporty


hi, i am havin problems with the idling on my sportrack. it idles well at times then at times its dropped verey low and can completely cut out at times. i need your help as i tried the fuel system by cleaning with injector cleaner in my fuel. could it be the high tension leads etc.

help badly needed

regards mark


hi allan my sorty has been idling okay but on certain runs i have the problem where the idling drops from 850 rpm to about 300. i checked pugs they were a grey colour so i cleaned them checked the mixture and idling but it still drops off.
would my cat convertor be blocked and making the idling drop like this?

thanks for your help
goonie plato

There is an idle air bypass v

There is an idle air bypass valve in the throttle body that can play up. It relies on coolant flowing through it to control when it opens/ closes.

Feroza ELIII