Can I Fit Fourtrak Independant arches to 1991 Fourtrak 2.8TDX ???


Hi to all on this forum.
Has anyone fitted the later type arches without too much cutting and chopping around?
The rear quarters on the later Independant are slightly different I assume.
Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


its a staright forward thing

its a staright forward thing to do - if you want to bond them on with something like tiger seal they will go on without modification

as an afterthought jimbob has some arches for sale - 07949 252969

There are two grades of 'wide

There are two grades of 'wide' wheelarches. Standard indipendent, for standard steel wheels. And extra wide indipendent with plastic spats on the out side, for extra width to cover wider aloy wheels.
Changing the fronts to wide is easy, as the indipendent wings are the same as the F75's apart from the wheel arch. The backs would be harder as they are part of the main body shell. These could be found on a 'repair' section.
However these parts would be expensive from Daihatsu, and rair & expensive on the second hand market.

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