Is this a Daihatsu fan?



As a Landrover Defender owner it may sound that I am a bit of an interloper, but my Defender is fitted with a Daihatsu 2.8 Diesel engine from a 1988 Fourtrak. I think the engine is designated F70?

The problem is that my fan is badly damaged and I need to obtain a replacemnt. But I do not know if the fan is from a Defender or a Daihatsu. Could someone please check out this image and tell me if they recognise it as a Daihatsu.

Any suggestions where I could find a suitable unit? I am UK based.

Many thanks



think you should bin the fan and fit an electric one.
you will get better mpg and will be quieter and will heat up faster.
have a look on ebay thers usualy plenty.

It certainly looks to be a Da

It certainly looks to be a Daihatsu fan. Also I'd say it's likely to be, as the Landrover one would probably need doctoring to fit the Daihatsu water pump.
As for a new one, I think I have one or two second hand ones kicking around. £15 + P&P if I have.
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Thanks I will probably inv


I will probably investigate options on a electric fan first.

Landrover 110 with Daihatsu 2.8 diesel engine

Landrover 110 with Daihatsu 2.8 diesel engine