Fan belt adjustment on Sportrak


Hi there,


I recently bought a Sportrak ELXi (had one before and so glad to have one back again 8). The fan belt was replaced recently by the guy i bought it from. However its starting make that awful noise that fan belts make when they are slipping !! I presume it just needs adjusting as the belt is only a month old. Can anybody urgently advise me on how to adjust the fan belt tension ??? Im going away this weekend and want to get it sorted by then.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Chertsey, Surrey.


You will see two belts.
Upper wider belt is the water pump. To the left of the upper belt is a vertical bolt fitted through a bracket onto a cam. The bolt adjusts the tension on the water pump belt.
Beneath the wider belt you will see a narrow belt. The narrow belt is the alternator belt. To adjust there are three bolts. Two hold the alternator's body to the engine. The third bolt is secured into the 'moon shaped' adjusing cam. You will need to slacken all three to lever/tension the alternator.
NB ... the alternator bolts are difficult to reach whilst the water pump belt is in place. Easier to slacken off the wider belt to make space to get your hand towards the alternator.
Obviously don't tension the belts too taught - should 'flex' 15mm.