Headlights for Sportrak


I am trying to source some front headlights for my Sportrak ELXi 1995 I need to convert to left hand drive as i am taking the car to Spain, has anybody got or knows how to source headlights in Europe the car is know as the Feroza on Europe


I never bother to convert my headlamps for France, Spain or Portugal. The Spanish are aweful drivers and their cars never maintained. Just keep your headlamps dipped and no-one will notice. Drive daytime only --- its safer !!!.
PS ... if desperate use headlamp converters from the AA. Why not buy headlamps in Spain ... plenty of big supermarkets and motor shops in Spanish towns. Tip for Espana .... lock you car securely, clamp you wheels, and electrify the doors and windows !!!!

Headlights for sportrak LHD

I wish it was as easy as that, the car has to pass a Spanish ITV (MOT)and then it can be registered as Spanish, the car will be in Spain then for ever, have tried every where in Spain, no luck, anybody any more ideas

Try a wanted ad in some of th

Try a wanted ad in some of those online breakers. There must be one tearing one down somewhere.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty