Fourtrak headlights


Been having trouble with the headlights of my H reg 91 year fourtrak. The lights in general work but when high beam is engaged the lights fail. There is no indication that high beam is engaged on the dashboard. Me thinks that a possible relay has finaly given up or it could be something more sinister.Any advice out there???????????


do u mean the lights go out all together if so check ur earthing wire,had the same prob with back lights and that was what was wrong.

bye bill


Thanks for the post bill.My lights stay on when the main beam is engaged. Have found the problem. The main switch on the stering colum had so much muck and dust around it had to clean it with a WD40 equivelent. Low and be hold the main beam works.
Had taken the beast to see an auto electrician and was quoted in excess of £500 to have it fixed. Many thanks to Sportynuts on the forum for the advice.
Next time any fault occures it will be straight on to the forum.
Many thanks again