Strange reply .Can anybody HELP


Have put add for sale in forum , this fella has replied twice ,has offered me good price .IT seems to good , Is it a con or scam . Bill Peters was the name given . Anyone can across the seem sort of thing . English is not good which makes suspect . If he is for real i am very sorry and will foward details ..Many Thanks

suspect user

Have had a quick look. User has been a member for 14 weeks, his email is a web based email address, and has never posted anything on the site.

There are people who scour the internet looking for "for sale" parts of websites to scam people. He may be genuine, he may be a con, however hopefully the limited information I have may help you decide.


I think ive got the same prob

I think ive got the same problem. The only thing is i havent posted a for sale add up, i've posted a wanted one, the bloke seems to think i have a GSXi for sale, when im actually just looking for one myself. His English is very poor aswell.


The money he was offering was way over what i was looking , Who does that ?? I am just looking to make some money back from it , not a rather large profit . Will see what happens. Thanks again .

Generous offers

Websites, discussion groups are run by robots. The site owner or manager or moderator, will be a part timer who cannot read everything.

If you get a too- generous offer for goods then be wary especially if unable to check the home address etc of the buyer.

For a motor car beware in case it is intended to be used by criminals for a bank heist or terrorism, whatever. As the registered owner you may end up at the police station helping the Bill with their enquiries. Which may give you more pain than sore throat and earache.


There are a lot of scammers o

There are a lot of scammers out there. I have placed an advert not so long ago on the autotrader site. I had no genuine offers or enquiries but had 3 con people contact me instead. Offering me more than the asking price, asking if I could cash a cheque that an associate would send to/bring me, for them and even asking me to prepare the car to be shipped abroad (it was worth less than £1000!).

To be fair to the Autotrader site there was much advise and help available in identifying the fraudsters, so even though I ended up not selling the motor through the advert, full marks to the site.

The old saying holds a lot of water, 'if it seems to good to be true, it probably is'.

One thing I will mention is that if someone pays you with a bankers draft waiting for it to clear is not enough to ensure you will have your money at the end of the day, you must wait for it to be 'given value'. Which then means that the money is yours to do with as you will.

Not only should the buyer beware, the seller should too!

Good luck, hope it all works out.


Scammer, there are a lot about...infact I think I had the same bloke asking me for some bits...really bad english...I kindly declinded...her even asked me to remove some stuff off ebay.

However.........with respects to scammers........If they choose to send me a cheque for the price of the goods and it clears I see no problem. I refuse to accept any cheque's for any amount more than what I'm selling for plus postage......there are some honest guys out there in Europe that need parts for cars and the UK is the best place. Just use good not give him you bank details or cheque only...and cheques for the amount you want, no more, no third parties...if they want to organise shipping, as for the courier details.....usally it should work out cheaper for you to sort it...........





the same writer has contacted myself, so i have sent them my contact number.i will let you know if they get back to me !!!

bill peter

it would appear that he has changed his name to` sturge-kerry `
and if you are reading this message ` sturge -kerry `, and you are genuine ,dont be offended ,contact me on the number that i sent you via e-mail


the scammer !!!

it would appear that the internet address i was given was a dud 2