kerry struge - bill peter. SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!


this piece of Poo is located in TEHRAN not the UK USA or anywhere in between.
Anyone who has had contact recently with this person needs to tread carefully. I will pass on any details to the relevant authorities if you can forward emails and copies of any correspondence to me.
I really hate peeps like this...

Blocked user

I have blocked his account however no doubt as he uses web based email addresses I am sure he will probably crop up with a completely new name soon enough.



iv;e had him in touch with me also asking me to get in touch straight away said he was intrested in what i had to sell but i had;nt advertised anything


Just logged on tonight and guess what, yep he's into me now.
Our illustrious kerry struge.

This guy has been emailing me

This guy has been emailing me, trying to buy parts from me. As i am breaking my Sporty. Kept asking for my address, and telephone number. Thought it was strange, cos he didnt have any posts, so i only gave him my email. His messages are almost illegible. What did this guy want?? Whats he done to others. I`ll send you the pms hes sent me.

Mud makes excellent Toothpaste.

had him

I have had him too, politly declinded his offers...