lost reverse


sporttrak 1.6 h reg

basically overnight i have lost reverse gear there was no warning like grating i just went to put into reverse and it wouldnt.since then i have periodically tried and it either grates or it just feels like the gear is not there.all other gears are okay any ideas that dont cost a fortune would be gratefully recieved

Rut Roh, If it was a diesel F

Rut Roh, If it was a diesel Fourtrak, Id have the answer for you. This may be correct, it will depend how similar the Fourtrak and Sportrak gearboxes are. Look from underneath toward the top right hand side of the gearbox. Back near where the transfer case bolts on, there should be a bolt, either 14 or 17mm head, that goes into the gearbox from the side. This is actually a pivot for the reverse gear select lever. If this drops out, (which has happened to me), then the lever drops into the gearbox, and you have no reverse. Solution, remove gearbox, remove top cover, replace pivot bolt and reinstall select lever.
Hopefully I am wrong, for your sake, but with the Fourtraks (Rocky), this is what has gone wrong when you lose reverse suddenly.


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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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